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Outline of the Scheme10

SCHEME-10 (A Herbal Resort and Non Allopathic Medical Centre)

10. Scheme 10:

10.1. Scheme Name:

10.1.1. SCHEME – 10 (A Herbal Resort and Non Allopathic Medical Centre)


10.2.1. Yet to be identified.


10.3.1. The Society, as a part of its community service, plans to launch a Scheme-10 to provide a resort type facility in a quiet calm, non-polluted area, in a natural environ and organize a non-allopathic medical treatment hospital to the needy in India and abroad. Also, to develop an Herbal growth centre, in an agency area in about 300 to 500 Acres. The objective is to serve the tribal community, indirectly.

10.4. LAND:

10.4.1. The Society assumes that it will be in a position to obtain about 300 to 500 Acres of land, on lease, from the Andhra Pradesh Government in the agency area in either of the Districts of Visakhapatnam or Vizianagaram or Srikakulam and develop it as a Herbal garden.


10.5.1. The programme is to plan an Herbal plantation with the assistance of employed qualified Agricultural Scientists and local tribal populace, on hire to nurture the Herbal plants. The idea is to use or sell these herbs for medical purpose on a continuous basis.A 30 rooms resort will be built for the members and others to come, stay in the natural environ and relax in a leisurely fashion. Further, to build a 100 bedded in-patient hospital for the needy patients in India or from abroad, to be treated in a non-allopathic mode. It will have a full fledged self-contained residential complex for the concerned.

10.5.2. The resort shall be a full-pledged modern resort with all the facilities and amenities of a resort. It will be cottage type, one for one family and each cottage independent of another. The design of the cottage will be pleasing and self-contained. There will be common facilities for dining, dancing, reading, entertainment, meditation etc in the centre of these cottages. The cottages will be secure and properly connected for easy communication.

10.5.3. The member and his or her family (not more than 4) can avail themselves the cottage free of lodging charges for 7 days (6 nights), every year, for    30 years. The Hospital shall function as a complete hospital with all the facilities and amenities of a corporate hospital. The hospital shall be staffed with qualified Doctors, nurses, technicians and staff, on monthly remuneration and reside in the campus only.

10.6. FINANCE:

10.6.1. The initial capital to translate the concept into a reality has to come from Membership contribution and donations from those who believe and support the idea. It is proposed to open the Scheme on a Global level and promote it as a place to rest, relax, rejuvenate and resort to non-allopathic no side effect medical treatment. Once the infrastructure built, it will be a self-sustaining entity.The estimated cost is about Rs. 50 Crores. The membership fee will be Rs. 1,50,000/- for a period of 30 years. The membership shall be open to anyone in India or abroad. The details are in the Data Sheet.


10.7.1. A committee of five members under the Chairmanship of the District Collector will be set up to plan and promote the programme. The Society will guide and supervise the scheme besides providing the seed money to float the scheme.


10.8.1. To initiate the idea from January, 2016 and launch it in January 2017 and complete it by December, 2020 in all respects. This is only a conceptual outline and the details have to be worked out.

Check of Scheme10