The Bheemunipatnam Mutually Aided Co-operative Building Society Ltd., 2443


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Outline of the Scheme4


4. Scheme 4:

4.1. Scheme Name:

4.1.1. BCBS Layout – 4


4.2.1. Basavapalem, Tudem Panchayat Bhogapuram Mandalam, Vizianagaram District (Near Divis Labs, Annavaram).

4.3. Land:

4.3.1. The first bit of about 8.45 Acres was purchased and registered in February, 2006. The land price was Rs. 7 Lakhs per acre against the then prevailing value of about Rs. 10 Lakhs. Then efforts have been initiated and about 4.65 Acres land purchased around this bits by October, 2007.

4.3.2. Then, it was found the land price in the area rose to Rs. 20 Lakhs or more per acre and beyond the reach of the Society. Accordingly, no more land was purchased till October, 2011.

4.3.3. Then, negotiations were restarted to purchase the intermitten bits and the price was pegged at Rs. 10 Lakhs per acre. In 2012, about 4 Acres 03 cents of land purchased with a view to form an even shaped layout. Further, the details of land purchased may be seen from Annexure – 4.1. Also, proposals are there to purchase another 8 Acres of land to facilitate development of a 25 Acres layout. The site plan may be seen from the enclosed drawing (Annexure – 4.2).

4.3.4. The Society in February, 2008 applied for approval for the land conversion from the Revenue Department and secured it 27-05-2008 vide Annexure – 4.3 at a cost of Rs.1.3 Lakhs. The conversion fee paid to the Government was Rs. 67,700/-. It proposes to secure the approval for the remaining land, shortly.

4.4. Development:

4.4.1. The Society proposes to develop a layout of about 25 Acres as per the VUDA standards. It will be a gated layout with a single entry and exit. There will be 40 ft wide lacktopped roads, an elevated overhead water tank (1.5 lakh litre capacity) for water supply to each plot, a three phased power supply system, a park of about 2.5 Acres in the middle of the layout so that houses are built around the park, a community hall and a small structure to accommodate the watchman, site office and two rest rooms for members to stay at the week-end. Also, if feasible, a swimming pool. Further, there will be a public park in the adjacent poramboke land of about 4 Acres.

4.4.2. The layout will have about 66,500 Sq. Yards as the plotted area. The plot size will be 300 Sq. Yards and its multiples. Further, there will be about 43 of 1666 Sq. Yards for lower income category and about 81 of 90 Sq. Yard plots for weaker section as per the VUDA norms. Thus, there will be 286 plots (177 of 300 Sq. Yards, 35 of 166.6 Sq. Yards and 74 of 90 Sq. Yards). These will be priced at Rs. 1,500/- per Sq. Yard.

Check of Scheme4