The Bheemunipatnam Mutually Aided Co-operative Building Society Ltd., 2443


Check of Scheme5

Outline of the Scheme5

Scheme-5 (Weekend Homes)

5. Scheme 5:

5.1. Scheme Name:

5.1.1. Scheme-5 (Weekend Homes)


5.2.1. To be identified.


5.3.1. The Society dreamt of a novel Scheme while the boom for plots was at its peak. It desired to acquire 50 to 60 Acres of land on the sea front and build week-end homes with a resort for the plot holders to relax at the weekends.

5.3.2. It searched, intensively, for such an ideal land. However, it failed to identify such land at economical rate. Meanwhile, the boom disappeared and the Scheme was deferred.

5.3.3. However, the Society still considers there will be market for week-end houses and it proposes to promote it as a Scheme of its associate on outsourced basis. The features of the proposed Scheme are provided in the Data Sheet.

Check of Scheme5