The Bheemunipatnam Mutually Aided Co-operative Building Society Ltd., 2443


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Outline of the Scheme7

SCHEME-7 (Residential apartment complex)

7. Scheme 7:

7.1. Scheme Name:

7.1.1. SCHEME – 7 (Residential apartment complex)


7.2.1. Bheemunipatnam.


7.3.1. The objective of this Scheme is to provide residential arrangements in a nearby locality to the Bheemunipatnam to fulfill the cherished desire of a large populace to stay at Bheemunipatnam. For this, the Society plans to construct an Apartment complex in Bheemunipatnam Municipality or nearby locality.

7.4. LAND:-

7.4.1. The Society is on the lookout to identify a suitable locality, to purchase land of about 5 Acres of land in an open area. It may cost about              Rs. 6 Crores at the utmost. The main consideration will be adequate ground water.


7.5.1. The Society shall arrange to develop a small Gated layout to accommodate the residential apartment complex for residence for a minimum of 128 and a maximum of 160 flat holders. The maximum size of a flat shall be 1500 Sq. ft and the optimum size being 1290 Sq. ft. The objective is to build the complex with all amenities for a comfortable stay. Accordingly, the plan is to provide for security first, nearby shopping complex for day to day requirements, amenities like restaurant, laundry, barber, maintenance repair shops etc in the shopping complex. There shall be exclusive transport arrangements for easy commutation to the city of Visakhapatnam.

7.5.2. Inside the layout, the children must have ample space to play, the elders to walk and rest in a green environ etc. Thus, the layout shall be free of wires or pipes etc with clean, wide, neat roads. The apartment shall be self-contained ready to occupy state. The flat owner need not search and struggle for the flat to be ready to occupy. Thus, all provisions like quality flooring, decent sanitary and electrical fillings, full wood work etc shall be in built facilities and not add on facilities security and communication will be given the highest priority.

7.6. FINANCE:-

7.6.1. The Scheme will be a self-financing scheme on No Profit – No Loss basis as is the case of the Schemes of the Society. The Project cost shall be shared by the flat-owners, ultimately. This includes the expenses for the layout maintenance and security of the layout. Thus, the full occupancy of the complex minimize the costs and make it, economical. The details are in the data sheet.

Check of Scheme7